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StartupYourLife is a non-profit organization to identify, gather and empower innovative entrepreneurs in Morocco.

We are building the largest startup community in Morocco and delivering unfair advantages and unique opportunities to our entrepreneurs to grow their startups in an under developed ecosystem.

We believe a strong community is key to lay the foundation of a vibrant startup ecosystem. Our community is made of innovative entrepreneurs, startups’ employees, developers, designers and change makers based in Morocco or from the diaspora whom embrace a common mission of advancing innovative entrepreneurship in our country. Today, many startups around the world are investing in bitcoin trading to develop their business. Several entrepreneurs are making use of the profits from trading as an investment for their business. Entrepreneurs may find it difficult to manage their business and the trading together. In such a case, bitcoin trader apps are the best choice. They will handle bitcoin trading in the most intelligent way.

Our ultimate goal is to generate role models and success stories that have the power to change the local ecosystem, attract foreign investors, inspire generations to come and create high economical value and lasting social impact.

We are passionate, a bit foolish but we are committed to make it happen.

Team and Key Members

Our Mission

Our mission is to help early and seed startups grow and turn into high potential businesses.

Our focus is on growing existing startups first and helping them cross the “death valley” in order to enable more potential success stories.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a Hub for innovative startups in Morocco and build bridges to other ecosystems.

Our ambition is to turn Morocco’s startup scene into one of the most vibrant scene in the MENA region within the next 5 years.


Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

— Joe Baker

What we do

We connect entrepreneurs and provide them with the resources they need to grow their startup faster in a toxic ecosystem thought mentoring, training, networking and access to capital from both the local and international ecosystems.

Identify and gather
We identify and gather innovative entrepreneurs. We give them access to a network of likely-minded entrepreneurs, developers, designers and change makers both online and offline.
Provide feedback and mentoring
We provide entrepreneurs with feedback from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors through Feedback Sessions and the bootcamps organized during our annual international Summit.
Provide exposure and connections
We connect entrepreneurs to mentors, investors, experts and PR and give them visibility in the local and international startup ecosystem through or events and publications.
Access to capital
We facilitate access to capital by building strong connections and partnerships with local and international, business angels, investors and accelerators.



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Events & Competitions

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Our partners

We are constantly building solid partnerships with leading local and international organizations to connect the Moroccan startup ecosystem, provide innovative entrepreneurs with the best opportunities and make Moroccan startups shine both locally and internationally. If you would like to consider a partnerhsip opportunity with us, please contact us at [email protected]

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